An introductory article for those who are just getting started learning on synthetic data

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Is it indeed? I mean, is the reality rare? Well, if it is not at the moment, it will be very soon. According to Gartner, more than half of the data available will be synthetic by 2024. Here is how they say it on one of their blog posts.


An Opinion

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In the last decade, data scientist roles have increased enormously. Nowadays, almost every company is looking for a data scientist for their businesses. This role’s importance comes from its social and technical skills. A data scientist should have both these type of attributes in his/her toolbox. Especially, I believe that…

An Opinion

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Throughout history, people have always been keen to learn new information. They have wanted to learn about themselves, their neighbours, the world, the universe etc. They have learnt what they need by telling stories to each other, and after a period of time, they found more structured ways to pass…

Data Analysis Series: An Overview of FIFA 19 Players Dataset

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Not Messi, Not Ronaldo! You may laugh it as people in the picture 😀, but this statement is true! Of course, it is valid under some conditions 😀. We will look at those conditions in the next sections of this article.

Data analysis with Python is widespread in data space…

Data Analysis Series: An Overview of FIFA 19 Players Dataset

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SQL is one of the most important language in data space. Even though there are lots of ways of dealing with data such as within Excel files, XML files, through APIs etc., dealing data within databases is always a big part of our professional lives. Naturally, SQL is the most…

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